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Welcome to the saraspa Home page!

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks, just minutes north of Saratoga Springs, SaraSpa Rod and Gun Club exists to provide its members with a high-quality and varied sporting experience. Please take a few minutes, browse the site map below, and see what we have to offer. Also, be sure to visit the Events Page for photos and video of activities.

SaraSpa Rod and Gun Club is now holding sessions of the Saratoga County Pistol Basic Safety Course.

>>>>>>>> Click Here to Register for the Pistol Safety Course <<<<<<<<


CMP Rimfire Sporter Match -The high-power rifle activity is holding CMP Rimfire Sporter Matches. See the High-Power Page for details.

SaraSpa Opens 5-Stand Course - See the Shotgun Page for more info

Standard Operating Procedures Implemented - To ensure the safety of all of our members, family and friends, the Board of Directors has adopted a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all handling of firearms at SaraSpa Rod and Gun Club. View the SOP.

SaraSpa No Longer Accepting New Members - Membership is closed at this time and we are no longer maintaining a wait list. See the Membership Page for further information.

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Skeet & Trap Activity rimfire rifle High-poweer Rifle Activity
Archery Activity Activities IDPA Activity
Indoor Range Facilities 200 Yard Range
Shotgun Field Archery Range Clubhouse 50 Yard Range

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